Whizzing around at Whizz Kidz

Monday, 9 June 2014

A few of my Mummy friends and I decided to take our little ones to Whizz Kidz in Thame this afternoon.

If you've not been before, this is a large Indoor Activity Centre with a giant play frame, toddler play frame, soft ball pit, a bouncy castle and more.

Our first visit to Whizz Kidz was in half term and it was absolutely manic but today we almost had the whole place to ourselves, which was great. This meant we could let the toddlers do their thing and 'toddle' about. It's amazing watching them together and how mobile they all are now. They are getting so confident and are starting to 'whizz' around more. It certainly keeps us Mums busy chasing after them!

Our little ones are managing to get up and around the toddler play frame themselves now. They spent quite a bit of time going around and down the slide. Then it was into the Little Tikes cars - they still need a helping hand from Mum to push them. After going in the ball pit, it was on to the bouncy castle. They all liked this!

As it was quiet in the Centre, we took them down the bigger kids slide a few times which definitely brought some big smiles from the little ones.

There is a café that serves drinks and food. Quite often they give you special offers for refreshments. Today we had a free squash and biscuit, plus half price voucher for a tea or coffee.

Being a very sunny afternoon, it was very hot inside. It didn't seem to trouble the toddlers, but us Mums were feeling the effects. We took advantage of the free squash and biscuit for ourselves (Little Miss A doesn't have squash yet!). So if you go on a warm day, be warned and wear loose, light clothing.

It's worth signing up to the Whizz Kidz email database as they send you special offers. I was sent an email recently that gave us free entry today, plus the drinks offers. Normally it would be £3.00 (off-peak). They also gave me a voucher for half price entry next time we visit in June.

Whizz Kidz is a good place to go once in a while for some fun play!

P.S. Those who are regular readers may have noticed that 'Baby A' has become 'Little Miss A'. Have made the switch as can't really call her a baby anymore!

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