Red Kite Walk - Certainly lived up to its name!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Last August we went on a great walk where we saw a large number of Red Kites. As we've got Mr MoaB's Mum staying with us, we thought we'd do this walk again.

We definitely weren't disappointed by the number of Red Kites we spotted. We saw some on the car journey there, a few on the walk itself, but then a huge number as we were driving back. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The walk starts from Studley Green which is about 35 minutes drive from Aylesbury.

Not very money saving but we enjoyed a fantastic cooked breakfast in the garden centre. Conveniently this is where the walk starts from and there's loads of free parking. The breakfast really set us up well for the walk and we ended up carrying our packed lunch the whole way only to eat it at about 3pm when we got home!!

We then set off on our 'Red Kite Walk'. We used the instructions from a printed leaflet but this is available on the Chilterns website. Here's a direct link to the Red Kite Walks leaflet.

When we did the walk last year, this first part was where we saw the greatest concentration of Red Kites and we were taken aback by the number in one place then. So we were a little disappointed to only spot 4 or 5 at the same spot this time.

The main part of the walk is through Bottom Wood. Here's Little Miss A telling her Daddy which way to go!

You walk for about 1 mile through this wood. It really is a lovely place. We were the only ones there and all you can hear is lots of different birdsong. We spotted a few muntjac deer and even a little mouse!

We chose this walk last time because it says that it's suitable for all terrain pushchairs and there are no stiles or gates. As Little Miss A was only 4 months old then, we took her in the pushchair and also used a carrier some of the way. It was certainly fine with the pushchair before but definitely not now. The paths have got really muddy and churned up so it was a case of picking our way through the 'least' muddiest parts in a lot of places. You need walking boots, that's for sure.

It was nice and cool in the Wood and as we emerged out, we quickly noticed how hot it had got. The next part of the walk is quite open with little shade so we tried to keep up the pace a bit more to get back into the next Woods and some shade. Easier said than done now that Little Miss A is wanting to walk herself more rather than be carried.

We were amazed by how much walking she actually did today. It was really uneven underfoot and as I've said, pretty muddy in places, yet she walked with such confidence and stability. Amazing! Very different to the little baby doing the same walk last year!

We did see a few more Red Kites as we continued on our way. A short walk through another wood including quite a steep bit - somehow I found myself carrying Little Miss A for this climb. I needed to catch my breath at the top - she's got so much heavier now!

The good thing about this walk is that it's circular so after about 3 hours walking, we arrived back at the car. We were just driving out of Studley Green when we suddenly saw the most phenomenal number of Red Kites flying above us. We pulled the car over and realised that someone had put some food down which was attracting them all. What an absolutely amazing sight!

We watched for quite a while and were treated to a spectacle as they dove down for the food. One after the other, after the other.

So all in all we weren't disappointed by our 'Red Kite Walk'!! Difficult to say how many we saw, our best guess is around 40. I think we'll be hard pushed to see as many at one time again!

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