On the buses - Day trip to Oxford

Friday, 6 June 2014

A few weeks ago, it was 'Catch the Bus Week'. During this period (28th April - 4th May), Arriva Buses were offering a Free Day Saver ticket. All you had to do was download their app and enter a promo code. Thought it must be worth getting the free ticket as there was a long time frame for when it had to be used.

We opted for an 'All Shires' day ticket and both my partner and I downloaded the app on our phones so that we had the same free ticket.

We decided to use our ticket today and go to Oxford on the buses. We set off this morning and caught a bus to Aylesbury Bus Station and then got the 280 bus which would take us all the way to Oxford. Baby A actually fell asleep on the first bus but luckily didn't miss the entire journey. She seemed to enjoy looking out the window and waving at the other bus passengers!

It takes about 1 hour 15 minutes to get to Oxford by bus. It goes through Stone, Haddenham, Thame and then a few places I'd never heard of such as North Weston and Tiddington, before travelling on to Wheatley and into Oxford town centre.

So although the bus does take a bit longer than going by car it was a nice way to go as neither of us had to concentrate on driving, we could take in the scenery and places we passed through and then we didn't have the hassle of finding somewhere to park when we got to Oxford.

We got off the bus at the Carfax Tower and headed straight to M&S to get Baby A freshened up in the baby changing facilities (always a safe bet that M&S will have good, clean facilities).

The previous time we went to Oxford, we went round on the tour bus. This was before we had Baby A. This time we wanted to explore more of Oxford by foot and I found a short walking tour in a Visit Oxford and Oxfordshire booklet that we had lying around the house.

The tour was just right for what we wanted as it took us past a few of the colleges, along by the river a bit, past the Botanical Gardens and then through some of the backstreets. Oxford is one of those places where you really have to look upwards when you walk around as there is so much amazing architecture.

My favourite landmark on the walk was the Bridge of Sighs:

Baby A had a little bit of a meltdown on the bus back to Aylesbury. She didn't want to sit still and wanted to walk about on the bus. She was also a bit overtired. A few snacks and distractions soon calmed her and the rest of the journey passed uneventfully.

So all in all a great day. It was fun and a bit different to go to Oxford 'on the buses' and we spent a lovely few hours wandering around in the sunshine.

The whole day cost us the price of our picnic lunch and 2 shop bought coffees (my partner persuaded me he needed these for the bus journey!). The bus tickets would have cost us £8.50 each, so a fantastic saving!

We found out about the bus ticket promotion originally from the weekly email sent by Money Saving Expert. If you don't already subscribe to this email, then I highly recommend it. It's packed full of advice and deals like this one.

I have also liked Arriva The Shires on Facebook in case they have a similar promotion in the future. I'll keep you posted on my Facebook page if they do!

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