NCT Nearly New Sale - Aylesbury

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Just relaxing this evening after helping at another successful NCT Nearly New Sale at the Grange School, Aylesbury. If you've never been to one before, you're missing out on the chance to get some great bargains!

My first experience of one of the Sales was just before Little Miss A was born and I was really impressed by the scale of the Sale and how it was set-up. I've been to lots of table top sales, car boot sales etc. in the past but the Nearly New Sale is very different to these. Since that first one, I'm now a Volunteer, a Seller aswell as a Buyer at these Sales.

The Sale is spread across 4 rooms and there is such a massive choice of items. You can fill your child's wardrobe, stock up their playroom (or toy boxes if you're not lucky enough to have a separate room to contain their toys like us!), add to their book library, and so much more.

In the Main hall are clothes all on hanging rails and sorted by sex and age. It's brilliant. You know whether you need boy or girls clothes and you know what age you need so you can just immediately head for the relevant rails and get looking! You'll also find swimwear, shoes, vests, sleepsuits, socks, hats, plus maternity clothes and books in this room.

The Dining room contains all the children's toys and books, with the toys all sorted by age range. There's a separate room for all the Big Toys - things like trikes, scooters, outdoor toys, baby playmats etc.

Then finally there's a Nursery room which is where you need to head if you're pregnant - you could pretty much get nearly everything you need to furnish and stock a nursery! There's also things like potties, reusable nappies, baby sleeping bags, bedding and lots more.

Every item is clearly marked with the price. So you don't have to keep asking how much things are and you don't need to haggle. If you're happy with the price, you put the item in your shopping bag. All the items are of good quality and at a fraction of the cost of new, so I challenge you not to have filled at least one shopping bag (even if you only had a couple of things on your list!). There's the added bonus of being able to pay by chip & pin so when you have bought more than you thought, you don't have to worry about not having enough cash!

You might not realise, but the whole Sale is organised and run by volunteers. The rooms are set-up on the Friday and then all the Sellers bring their items for sale in the morning of the Sale and these get put out in the relevant rooms. Then the Sale commences and hundreds of items get sold. Once all the Buyers have left, there's then the task of getting any unsold items sorted out into boxes for the Sellers to collect, taking the rails down and getting all the rooms back to how they were, ready for the school day on Monday.

I really enjoy being a part of these Sales. It's great to do something for the NCT charity and it's nice to meet new people who are volunteering and be part of a team creating what we like to call a 'one-day pop-up shop'! After all the hard work that's put into the set-up, it's a buzz to see the Buyers coming in and picking out lots of items.

Over the past year since I've been going to these Sales, I've saved a fortune on things for Little Miss A. I'm now selling things that she's grown out of and I always make more money than I spend - win, win!

Date for your diary! The next NCT Nearly New Sale is on Saturday 8th November. See you there!

If this post has inspired you to sell and/or volunteer then do get in touch. All the details of this and all the events we organise can be found on the NCT Aylesbury Facebook page.

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