Gardening with zero budget!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Really pleased with what Mr MoaB and I have managed to create today in a corner of our back garden and we haven't spent a penny!

The previous owners' of our house were obviously not green fingered. The back garden is just a square box. There's one shrub and that's it. No borders, no trees, no plants. Nothing. Not very inspiring!

One corner was particularly forlorn - just an uneven mound of dirt and weeds. We had a lovely Apple Tree given to us by Little Miss A's grandparents when she was born so we put this in the corner, but it didn't really detract from the sorry state of the ground it stood on!

We came up with the idea of a rockery but then we took a big gulp when we saw the price of stones in the garden centre. We'd be looking at around £100+!! As we didn't have a Plan B for the corner, I decided to put a post up the local Freecycle website just on the off chance. Having never used this site before, I wasn't sure what to expect but a couple of people responded to my post so one evening we went off to pick up a car boot full of slabs from a really nice gentleman in Ford.

We got some really nice round slabs with different designs - flowers, birds etc. which were pretty grubby but cleaned up well after a quick spray with the pressure washer. We've placed these to create a stepping stone path for Little Miss A between the back door and the grass to break up what is just a very expanse of gravel. She still usually ends up walking on the gravel with barefeet rather than the flat stones - she's got tougher feet than me!

Earlier in the week, we dug the corner area over and Mr MoaB had a 'smashing' time with the other slabs to break them all up. Today, whilst Little Miss A was napping, we got busy putting the stones in. We kept placing stones, moving them around, changing them over, moving them around a bit more. We could have been out there for hours rearranging them all! We did finally agree to call it a day and leave them as they were!

We put over some sacks of newer soil that my Mum had donated after re-doing her garden tubs recently. She'd also kindly bought us a couple of rockery plants today at a car boot sale. I'm hoping they'll grow and spread quite quickly, as they look a bit lost at the moment!

The last thing was to plant a packet of seeds that I'd been sent after responding to a post on Facebook from Ella's Kitchen who were giving away packs of Bee-Friendly Wild Flower Seeds. Luckily I was one of the 10 people they picked to receive the seeds. A great freebie!

So here it is...

It already looks so much better and once some flowers grow it's going to be a huge improvement. Feeling good that we've done something to:
a) improve the garden
b) provide some texture, colour etc. for Little Miss A (when the flowers grow!)
c) encourage wildlife into the garden

All without spending any money! Roll on the next garden project!

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