Fabulous fun on the Forest Segway

Friday, 13 June 2014

Spent a really brilliant time today riding a Segway. Loved it!

Mr MoaB needed to pay a work visit to Black Park, so Little Miss A, Grandma and I tagged along for the day. Whilst there he'd arranged for me to have a go at the Go Ape Forest Segway

After a short safety briefing, you're let loose to drive the segway. It's a bit of a strange sensation and takes a little while to work out how far forward and back you need to lean, but after a few circuits of the practice loop, I'd got the hang of it!

The group then set out into the Forest. Initially your speed is restricted with a setting on the segway, but then once the instructor is happy that everyone is okay, then the setting is changed to allow you to go faster and the steering becomes much more sensitive.

You travel along a variety of tracks through in the woods - some where you need to avoid tree roots, potholes or mud puddles; others which are wider and smoother where you can really pick up a bit of speed (I preferred these ones!). 

I've been wanting to have a go on a segway for a couple of years now, so really pleased that I got to do it today. I enjoyed the Forest Segway for Free thanks to Mr MoaB, but normally it costs £35. 

It's definitely a unique way to travel around the Park. I highly recommend having a go on a Segway if you ever get the chance! I'm now the proud holder of a Forest Segway licence!

Black Park is really nice just for a day out and a wander. It took about an hour to drive there. There are lots of walks, cycle tracks, a lake, a children's playground and 2 cafes.

After my segway session, we headed round the Lake where we enjoyed our picnic lunch and then let Little Miss A loose in the children's woodland adventure play area. This is one of the best playgrounds I've come across so far. A huge variety of equipment. Little Miss A was in her element as she got to go down 3 different slides (plus there was one she didn't try - next time!).

We've enjoyed a really lovely family day in the sunshine! I have a feeling we'll be visiting Black Park again very soon.

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