Carry on Camping at Town Farm

Monday, 16 June 2014

This year we invested in a new family tent. Mr MoaB and I have been on lots of camping holidays together but our 3 man tent just wasn't big enough for a travel cot and extra paraphernalia needed for a toddler. So it was time to upgrade.

Back in April, we did a trial run of putting the tent up in our back garden. It was up for about a week in the end. Little Miss A loved it and would spend ages going in and out, around the bedroom cubicles etc. Surprisingly she didn't fall over the guy ropes that often!

Whilst the tent was up, we spent one night sleeping in it with Little Miss A. It wasn't terribly successful as it turned out to be a really cold night (it had been warm all the rest of the week - typical!), so she didn't want to sleep in the travel cot and ended up sleeping in with us on the blow-up mattress.

Therefore, we were keen to try again and see we all got on with a proper camping trip. We've been talking about going away for the night for a while and the opportunity came this weekend as Mr MoaB had 2 days off together.

We chose Town Farm which is near Ivinghoe Beacon. It's just 25 minutes drive away, so no distance at all but it's a really nice setting and has amazing views!

We called up on the day and asked for a tent pitch. Being a Sunday, there were no problems. I think if you're staying a Friday or Saturday night, you have to book 2 nights but we could just stay for 1 night. It costs £10 per adult per night.

Packing up the car was a bit of a challenge - definitely a tight squeeze to get it all in. Unfortunately you need pretty much the same amount of stuff for just one night as you do for a whole week. We're going to need a rethink when the time comes that Little Miss A wants to take a bike etc!

When we got to the campsite we were greeted by Charles who was really friendly and helpful. He showed us where to pitch our tent and gave us a spot away from the other couple of campers (possible knowing that a small tot might just make some noise crying at some point in the night!). It was also right near the children's playground which seemed good at first but then Little Miss A kept wanting to take herself off there so one or other of us had to keep running across the field after her!

Pretty impressed by how quickly we managed to get the tent up. Always made easier when you are doing it in the dry and it's not pouring down with rain. The tent was up and the beds were made within half an hour! Next priority - a cup of tea!

Little Miss A was really excited to see the tent again. She spent so much time just going in and out and sitting in there. She did keep missing the lip of the doorway so invariably fell in or out of the tent or both! She was definitely in her element with so much space to potter around.

After spending a bit of time wandering around the campsite and appreciating the views, plus a bit of time at the playground, it was already time for dinner!

It's always a case of very early nights when we're camping. Unfortunately, after initially settling ok in her travel cot, Little Miss A woke up when we went to bed and wouldn't re-settle. So again, she ended up sharing our bed. To be fair, it was a cold night so at least I knew she was warm enough. However, it meant that I got very little sleep and it was very much a case of 'the little one said roll over' as I was literally on the verge of falling off the bed for most of the night. We need a bigger mattress!!

Apart from the whole sleeping arrangements thing, I think it''s safe to say that Little Miss A likes camping! It would have been all too easy for us to put off our trip finding an excuse; it's not worth it for one night or it's a bit too cold... I'm so glad we didn't use these and went. Roll on the next camping trip!

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