Billy Goats at Bucks Goat Centre

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A Mummy friend mentioned that she was going to The Bucks Goat Centre and asked if we wanted to join her. We jumped at the chance to visit as we haven't been there yet and the weather is so nice, it's great to get outdoors as much as possible and make the most of it!

The Centre is just a 15 minute drive away, just on the outskirts of Aylesbury. We met up in the car park and headed in to explore. It's great that the little ones can toddle about themselves without holding on to us now, although towards the end they did want carrying (they're definiltey getting heavier!).

As soon as we went in we had our first up close and personal encounter with a Goat who was free to just roam around. Little Miss A was pretty brave and got up quite close to him!

The first part you come to is a big barn with a variety of animals inside. There are sheep (which gave the toddlers a bit of a fright with their noise!), pigs, rabbits and ducks. There are lots of baby animals - the bunnies were particularly cute. We spent some in here petting a few of the animals and making lots of animal noises. I think there was a bit of rendition of 'Old McDonald had a farm' at one point!

Then we moved back outside into the sunshine. There are lots of different pens. The first has a donkey and some goats. Then there was a pen where you could actually go in with a Goat and her kid. On our wander we also met some alpacas, a pony, more goats (well, it is the Goat Centre after all!), a llama and some guinea pigs. So a good variety.

That just left us time for a bit of play in the playground area. Little Miss A was straight into the sandpit (think we bought a lot of sand home with us as she had turn-ups on her trousers!). She also really enjoyed bouncing on the trampoline with her friends.

Entry into the Goat Centre costs £4.50 per adult. Under 2s are free so that's good for us. You can also purchase a bag of animal food but we chose not to. There is a cafe at the Centre, but I'd taken water and snacks for us. The cakes did look good though - maybe next time!

A really nice afternoon with friends in the sunshine. Well worth a visit!

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