A Flutterby with a Butterfly at Butterfly World

Thursday, 5 June 2014

My partner had a work meeting at Butterfly World near St Albans today so Baby A and I tagged along. It's not somewhere I knew about before so it was nice to go along for a visit.

Whilst my partner was busy in his meeting, Baby A and I enjoyed a lovely couple of hours wandering around all the different areas, all planted to attract lots of wildlife.

First of all we wandered in and out of the Designer Gardens. Lots of small gardens each with a different theme. Very sensory for Baby A with lots of colours, a massive variety of plants, many different textures and a mixture of scents.

Then we walked around the Antennae Walks. As it was a weekday, there weren't that many visitors (mostly school parties) so we were the only ones wandering around this area. Lovely and peaceful to walk around in the sunshine. The end of the Walk brought us to the large Ant sculpture. Not sure Baby A was that keen on him as couldn't get a picture of her stood with him!

After a quick play on the slide, we went into the Tropical Butterfly House. Immediately as you enter, you see different varieties of butterfly flying around and then as you start to look more closely, you begin to spot others that are perched on leaves, stems of plants etc. Baby A and I spent quite a long time in here as it was a safe environment for her just to potter about and there were lots of different butterflies to spot. Baby A didn't stand still long enough for a butterfly to actually land on her but I had one on my shoulder for a few fleeting seconds.

It was pretty warm in the Butterfly House so we took another stroll around some of the gardens before heading off to find my partner and have lunch. Before leaving, we re-visited the Butterfly House briefly so that Baby A could show Daddy some of the butterflies, as he really couldn't go to Butterfly World and not see a single one!

Butterfly World is just 35 minutes from Aylesbury, so not far at all. Fortunately, we were able to go in for free with my partner - bonus! I took Baby A around in her buggy and it's all very accessible. She got out and walked around a bit too - it's amazing how steady and confident she now is on her feet.

So all in all a great few hours exploring and enjoying all the different plants and wildlife.

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