Handmade Christening Presents

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Last weekend we were invited to a joint Christening for the children of a friend of ours. I was really struggling to find presents I liked. There seemed to be a lot more things for the girl but then I couldn't find a suitable alternative for the boy. Unfortunately, the things I did really like were too expensive as I'd have to buy two.

Therefore, I decided to make their presents by using their initials - 'D' for the girl and 'E' for the boy.

My first purchase was two Memory Box frames from Hobbycraft. Luckily the frame size I wanted was on offer!

Next up was what to use for the actual initials. Poundland came up trumps! So £3 spent on some mini plastic cars, gem stickers and a pack of craft roses. The only other purchase I made was some Washi tape with a road print which came from ebay.

It was then time to get crafting! The 'D' was much more challenging to do. I printed off a template in Word but then improvised a bit as I stuck the gems down! Luckily the gems were self-adhesive which saved a massive job of glueing! It was hard to stop adding stickers to the initial. I kept saying "Just 1 more!" To finish this frame off, I put a row of craft roses along the top and bottom as a border as the little girl's middle name is 'Rose'.

The 'E' was much easier and quicker to create. I purchased a glue gun a while ago and finally got to use it for this project. The cars created the 'E' (thank goodness the initial is made up of straight lines!). Then a border with the Washi tape. Again this is self-adhesive so really easy to use. I'm particularly pleased with how this turned out with cars. They were the ideal size.

Really chuffed with how these presents came out and they were well received by the childrens' parents. In total they came to around £16 for the two presents. So a fraction of the cost of similar things I've seen for sale. I'm glad that the children now have a truly unique keepsake.

Hope I've inspired you to give something like this a go!

P.S. Apologies for the quality of the photo images. Note to self - must use the camera and not my Iphone!

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2 Responses to “Handmade Christening Presents”

  1. Ooo I love this. What a clever idea I love the cars :)

    1. Thanks Emma. I loved the cars one too! Was very thankful it was an 'E'. Not sure what I would have done with a more curvy letter!


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