Birthday visit to the farm - Oak Farm Animal Park

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Baby A turned one on Monday. We celebrated with friends and family on Sunday and as my partner was working that day, I asked a few of my Mum friends if they'd like to bring their little ones to a farm. I chose 'Oak Farm Animal Park' as it is just on our doorstep on Broughton Lane, Aylesbury.

Most of the Mums that came along didn't even know where this farm was even though it's in Aylesbury. So I wonder how many other local Mums don't know about this place.

A group of 5 of us met at the farm on Monday afternoon. It was a great time to go as we were the only ones there!!

I was really surprised by how many different animals there are. Given it's size, there's a lot of variety for the kids to see and pet. Spring is always a good time to visit farms as there's baby animals to see and our first stop was the Ewes with their lambs.

Next up were some goats that were very keen to come over and say hello!

Those babies that are walking enjoyed the space and freedom to toddle around the farm. It was dry underfoot during our visit, but I can imagine that if it's been very wet then wellies would definitely be needed!

Our next stop was a big shed with different pens that had horses, chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits and donkeys.

We then wandered around the other outside areas where there were amongst other things pigs, more goats and my personal favourite - alpacas. They are so soft to touch!

It costs just £5 for adults. £2.50 for kids. Under 2s are free. Kids are free on Mondays. You also have the option to buy animal food which a couple of the Mums did.

Once the babies had seen all the animals, the Mums enjoyed tea and cake in the coffee shop. Then there was just time for a quick play in the indoor soft play area, before heading home.

This really is a great little hidden gem in Aylesbury.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this farm has now closed.

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  1. I didn't know about this farm but it's a brilliant idea to go there with kids. :) Thank you :)


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