Development activity using just cardboard tubes and pom-poms!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Inspired by an image I saw on the Kids Activity Blog earlier with cardboard tubes and pom-poms, I raided our recycling bag, found some different sized pom-poms in my craft drawer and set about cobbling together a board for Baby A.

I used an old cereal box to tape the tubes to (kitchen roll and toilet roll tubes). It doesn't look that elegant, but it seemed to do the trick!

After a quick demonstration, Baby A quickly cottoned on to what she needed to do. She preferred the two tubes joined together although her favourite choice of pom-pom (the blue sparkly ones) kept getting a bit stuck!

Originally the board was stuck to the wall with blu-tack, but Baby A soon decided to pull it off the wall and it seemed to work just as well propped up on the floor.

By taping the tubes to the cardboard box rather than directly onto a wall or surface means that I have been able to just fold the box back up with the tubes still attached inside and therefore it can easily be used again.

This activity is helping to improve Baby A's pincer grip as she picks up the different sized pom-poms and drops them down the tubes. I'm now waiting to see what else she finds to try to put down the tubes!

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