Children's Farm at Buckingham Park Community Centre

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Community Centre at Buckingham Park became a mini-farm for the day today. This was a free event organised by Barnado's Children's Centre.

I wasn't sure exactly what the set-up would be but was impressed by what was on offer.

In the main hall were some small animals including chickens, rabbits and chicks. There were also some areas for play and a couple of tables set out for crafts. In a separate room was soft play equipment and a small bouncy castle. Then outside were more animals - goats, ponies and lambs.

The first circuit that we did around the different rooms, Baby A was a bit reticent to go too near the animals. She played a bit on the bouncy castle and then I caught up with some of my Mummy friends over a cup of tea before I took her on another circuit. This time around Baby A was putting her hands forward to be nuzzled by the animals. It was great to see this change in her confidence with the animals!

The afternoon cost £1.50 in total which was for my cup of tea and cake. Transportation costs were zero as I actually walked! We were down to one car today as my partner's car is in the garage. I thought about getting the bus but this would only have taken me part of the way and as the sun was shining, I thought I would see how long it took to walk. It's actually a nice little walk as it's away from the roads and runs along by the river. I really should walk around Aylesbury more!

So all in all a really nice afternoon.

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