Trip to the Zoo - Paradise Wildlife Park

Friday, 21 March 2014

My partner was doing a networking event at Paradise Wildlife Park today so Baby A and I tagged along. We weren't sure if we'd have to pay for entry but luckily when we mentioned that my partner was an exhibitor, they let us in for free. Result!

We bypassed the playground and rides to go straight to the Birds Area. Baby A has only really seen a few small birds in our back garden so there were lots to interest her here with the really colourful Lorikeets and Macaws, the large birds like the Owls and Hawk and then there were the vocal ones too. She wasn't too keen on the noise the Hornbills made but was intrigued by the Cockatoos that started saying 'Hello' to us!

It was then into the main Animal Park and first up was the Cheetahs. We'd just arrived in time for a talk by the keepers which Baby A seemed to be fascinated by!

After a brief stop for our picnic lunch (saving on food costs as usual by taking our own lunch!), we wandered around the other animals. There's quite a variety. Something I've never seen before are Tapirs - very strange noses! We spent a bit of time watching the Meerkats, which seemed to intrigue Baby A's. Probably because like her they never stop moving! They sit up, they sit down, They run around. They sit up, they sit down again. And they're off again!! Here she is showing them a new move!!

The Wildlife Park is about an hour's drive from Aylesbury (you are reliant on the M25 behaving itself though!). Baby A is very used to car journeys and we generally get a lot of singing from the back seat before she falls asleep after about half an hour of driving.

After the success of meeting the animals at the Farm a few weeks ago, it was really great to introduce her to a lot more new species. We spent a couple of hours looking at the animals, about the right amount of time for her as she was just starting to drift off to sleep as we returned to the car. She would have enjoyed the play areas, but we'll have to save them for another time.

A lovely family day out at the Zoo.

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