St Patrick's Day Themed Play

Monday, 17 March 2014

After the success of the Valentine's Day Themed Play, I've been meaning to put together some more themed sensory play. Realising it is St Patrick's Day today and every Facebook post I saw this morning contained a lot of green, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a 'Green' themed play session with Baby A.

With no pre-planning, here is what I managed to quickly gather together:
  • A stacking cup
  • A plastic ball
  • Triangle from a shape sorter toy
  • Egg box
  • Bell shaker
  • Triangle piece from a puzzle
  • Chick from an egg toy set
  • Caterpillar rattle
  • Ring and alien head from a stacking toy
  • Round tubes from a hammering bench toy
  • Discovery bowl (see below for contents)

The Discovery bowl contained sweet wrappers, foam letters, magnetic letters & numbers, pom-poms, plastic sea animals, a dolphin peg, a balloon filled with rice, milk bottle tops and baby food pouch caps.

It didn't take Baby A long to get into the bowl and start taking each item out one by one! At one point she picked out 3 of the milk bottle tops and crawled off down the room with them. It's interesting that it was very deliberately 3 of the same object rather than a mix of things from the bowl.

It was mostly the bowl she was interested in throughout the day, the other items didn't really get a look in. But then the sun was shining and she did want to keep going out into the garden. Baby A is gaining a lot more confidence with her walking. She still needs to hold on but she just wants to wander about everywhere. Therefore, when my back was starting to ache a bit from holding her hand whilst she walked, I decided to just bring the bowl outside. The sweet wrappers had to be quickly gathered up and put away as they were blowing away in the breeze, but Baby A did sit still for a little while and explore the contents of the bowl again. So a short reprieve for me from the walking!

As with the Valentine's Day play, the great thing about this is that I just used things I already had in the house and therefore it didn't cost a penny!

With so many small objects in the bowl, I made sure that I closely supervised her at all times.

The bowl kept Baby A amused both indoors and out, so all in all this was a success again. Now we've done the colour red and the colour green - still lots of colours to do!

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