Roald Dahl's Countryside Trail

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Last week we visited The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre as we were in the area and as it was World Book Day, it was free entry! Whilst there, we picked up a leaflet with 'Roald Dahl's Countryside Trail' so we decided to do part of this trail today.

I was a bit worried when we set out this morning as it was really foggy but by the time we got started on the walk, the fog had burnt off and it was fantastic weather.

The Trail directions start from the Museum in Great Missenden. If you want to do the whole thing then you need to park in one of the Pay & Display car parks. However, we chose to park in Green Lane in Prestwood and pick up the trail in Angling Spring Wood. This wood is said to have been the inspiration for Roald Dahl's 'Fantastic Mr Fox'.

The Chiltern District Council have created a 'Talking Tree Trail' in this Wood. There are 10 carved posts around the Wood and you listen to the different audio tracks at each post. Unfortunately, we couldn't get internet access whilst in the Wood so we couldn't stream the audio. We'll have to find a way to download the tracks and re-visit the Wood again soon as this seems an interesting and unique thing to do.

So after a little wander around the Wood, we picked up the Roald Dahl Trail which took us through a field and without realising to our car!! So we could have started out here. Oh well, we know for next time!

It was a really lovely walk taking us past an orchard, along another field, through another wood (Atkins Wood), before finishing back at Angling Spring Wood. Just before re-entering the Wood, there was a nice viewpoint so we paused here for a few minutes to take in the view over the valley and talk to the sheep in the field that came over to say Hello!

Baby A and Daddy doing a bit of bird spotting in Atkins Wood

We had a leaflet with the trail on, but here's a link to the pdf of the Roald Dahl's Countryside Trail. There's a few suggested activities for older kids to do whilst on the walk such as Woodland Bingo and Nature Words.

With the sun shining, we picked up the car and drove back into Great Missenden to have our picnic lunch. The first hour of parking is free, so we parked up near to the children's playground so we could enjoy our food and then Baby A had a go on the swings and slide. Her new favourite thing is slides - she can't get enough of them at the moment!!

A lovely family day out. Here's hoping we get lots more of this type of weather so we can enjoy lots more of walks and days out like these!

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