Free Family Swim at Aqua Vale

Friday, 28 March 2014

We enjoyed a lovely family swim today at Aqua Vale Swimming Pool. Made even better by the fact that it was free!

It's a pretty good price for Mums with babies at just £2.70 but a family swim would have cost us £7.50 (£2.70 + £4.80 for my partner).

However, it's worth applying for the free Everyone Active Card as every month or so they send an email with an offer for a free activity session. Both my partner and I have one of these cards so we usually get to have two free family swims.

Here's a snapshot from the email that they send:

We love taking Baby A swimming. We have been taking her for swimming lessons since she was 5 weeks old. Our classes are run by Swimkidz at Reflexions Health Club, Watermead and these are highly recommended. We believe that having confidence in the water is a really important life skill for Baby A. Luckily for us, she loves the water and always has a smile on her face when we go swimming. My favourite part of the lesson is always seeing her swimming underwater - it's amazing!  These free family swims at Aqua Vale are a real bonus as they mean we get a few extra swims in and they give my partner a chance to see how Baby A is progressing.

So if you use Aqua Vale (or any other Everyone Active pool) then it's definitely worth spending a few minutes signing up for this card and enjoying some free swimming sessions!

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