Taster class - Jo Jingles

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Today Baby A and I took advantage of a free taster session of Jo Jingles taking place at Aylesbury Library. It really is worth keeping an eye out for free events at the library. From a previous blog, you'll know we sometimes go to the Bounce & Rhyme sessions and as Baby A gets older, I'm sure we'll be going to some of the story and craft sessions that they regularly have. We also always get a few books out whilst we are there! Most of the events can be found on the Aylesbury Libraries Facebook page.

Anyway, I've digressed a bit. The reason we were there today was for this taster of Jo Jingles which combines music, singing and movement. There was a real mixture of ages for this taster so the class had to be geared somewhere in the middle. Their actual classes are specifically tailored to different age groups. However, the session leader did really well to engage all the children from the youngest to the oldest.

It started with an introduction to 'Jo Jingles' with a special song. The theme of today's session was transport so all the songs were related to forms of transport. Some were familiar such as 'The Wheels on the Bus' whereas there were lots of new ones too. The train song we sang involved us moving around in a circle and Baby A enjoyed the actions to this one as I swung her about!

The session was a really good mix of songs, either with actions or with instruments. Today we had bells and maracas.

Really enjoyed this taster. Baby A definitely likes being jigged around to music and it was great to see her clapping along a bit. She's getting pretty good at clapping now!

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