Lighthouse Toddler Group - Review

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Baby A and I ventured out in the cold and wet today to try the Lighthouse Toddler Group at Walton Hall, next to Holy Trinity Church.

We received such a warm, friendly welcome from the organisers. As it was our first time, they talked through the format of the session and let me know that I'd chosen a good week to visit as there were free cakes today for Mums (usually once a month).

The session is held in a big hall with lots of soft play mats and chairs for the adults. It was a really busy session with children and babies of all ages, from the very tiny upwards. Mostly Mums but good to see a few Dads too!

It all starts with some songs, many with actions. They use a projector to put the words up on the screen so you can join in. Then there is a short story which is based on a different theme each week. This week was 'hands'.

The theme is continued on the craft tables. So this week the kids could make textured pictures with different materials to feel with their hands. Baby A isn't quite up to crafting yet, but a really nice activity for the older ones.

Instead, I enjoyed my free cake whilst Baby A got stuck into the toys that were put out. There were loads of different toys and books. A great selection with something for all ages. Got chatting to one or two other Mums which was nice, so at least they'll be some friendly faces on our next visit. The organisers also made sure to come over and check Baby A and I were ok and chat as it was our first time there.

There is a religious slant to the songs and story, but it's all made really fun for the children.

The group is actually FREE! Amazing considering that you're there for over an hour with activities, toys galore, all the craft materials included plus there are snacks for the children. You can't ask for more!

Overall, a really well run and enjoyable playgroup and we'll definitely be visiting again.

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