Morning out in Aylesbury for just £1.90

Friday, 17 January 2014

Had a really nice morning out today with Baby A in Aylesbury for just the price of the bus fare (£1.90).

Probably could have been free apart from the petrol cost, if I'd parked at Aylesbury Shopping Park where there's 2 hours free parking. This is always my preferred option when I just have a few shops I need to go to, but if I don't want to clock watch and feel like taking my time, then the bus is great.

The bus is actually often easier with Baby A than taking the car. There's getting her in the car seat, finding a good parking space with room to get her out of the car, and then transferring her from car seat into the pushchair. Then, doing the whole thing in reverse often in the rain! By taking the bus, once Baby A is in the pushchair, that's it. Easy to wheel on and off the bus. No hassle!

This morning I decided to take Baby A to Aylesbury Library in Walton Street to one of their Bounce & Rhyme sessions. Have been before but not for a long time. Like all events at the library, it's free! It's 30 minutes of singing with lots of nursery rhymes and some songs that I haven't heard before, and they give out musical instruments to use for some of the songs. Baby A really enjoyed it, particularly the action songs. She even practiced her clapping to some of them!

They hold Bounce & Rhyme sessions on Tuesday and Friday mornings starting at 10.30am. It's meant to be a ticketed event, but I've never know them to check for tickets. Tickets are issued on a monthly basis on the first working day of the month from the information desk. I try to remember to get a ticket if I'm in town at the beginning of the month, but sometimes I go without one. Ssshhhh, don't tell anyone!

Then after all that singing, a nice hot drink was needed. So it was off to Waitrose to take advantage of their free drink offer. Baby A was asleep by the time we got there which meant I could relax with a nice cup of tea (I love the little teapots and teacups they serve it in) and read the newspaper. No money needed. Just flashed my myWaitrose card for the tea and borrowed one of the newspapers that they provide for café users.

It's definitely worth getting a myWaitrose card. Not only does it entitle you to a free tea or coffee everyday, but if you do decide to do a bit of shopping then it gives you other benefits as well. But if nothing else, then the free drink is worth it. You can even get a takeaway drink. In the summer my Mummy friends would meet in the park, so I often went to Waitrose first to get a takeaway cup of tea and then enjoyed it in the sunshine!

So, that's it. A great morning out! Something for Baby A with the singing and something for me with the relaxing cup of tea. Win, win!! All for the price of the bus fare.

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