Monday, 20 April 2015

Things To Do Now I Am 2!

So now that Little Miss A's Things To Do Before I Am 2 list has expired as she turned two at the end of last month, it's time to compile a new list of 'Things To Do Now I Am 2!'.
Here's her list of 'Things To Do Now I Am 2':
  1. Fly a kite
  2. Ice sensory play
  3. Climb a mountain
  4. Splash park / swim outdoors
  5. Feed the ducks
  6. Bake a cake
  7. Go to the cinema or theatre
  8. Do a picture scavenger hunt
  9. Family bike ride
  10. Go camping
  11. Go on a fairground ride
  12. Attend a Christmas carol concert
  13. Day trip to London
  14. Grow some flowers from seeds
  15. Plant some vegetables
  16. Play Pooh sticks on a bridge
  17. Build a sandcastle
  18. Create some wild art
  19. Find a geocache
The first 4 on the list are the things that we didn't manage to tick off her list last time so I have carried these over.

Most of the items on this new list are first experiences - things Little Miss A hasn't done before. However, a few we did do last time but I'm really keen to do again like no. 10 'Go camping'.

Let me know if you have anything you'd add to this list!

If you like this list, then please do take a look at the original list of Things To Do Before I Am 2 and also see how we got on with the list in the Final Update on Things To Do Before I'm 2.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

My Sunday Photo 19-04-2015

This is my favourite picture of this week.

All of this week Little Miss A has surprised me with her 'have a go' attitude. Without me noticing she's become really strong and this photo proves that as she was swinging from this bar for ages. She continually amazes me with her strength, dexterity and balance - she's only 2!


Monday, 13 April 2015

Sunday Spring Stroll in Tring Park

Back in October we took a Sunday Autumnal Stroll in Tring Park and yesterday morning we went there again.

It's a great walk and the dog we're looking after definitely thought so - she absolutely loved it!

We took the back carrier for Little Miss A as it's too far for her to walk all of it. It's good that there are different features along the way such as the Obelisk and the Summer House Folly so we can tell her what we're looking out for and these make the perfect places to stop for a snack and rest her little legs!

The views really are lovely and there are several benches to sit down for a moment to enjoy the scenery.

Definitely a walk we'll be doing again. Maybe for a Summer Stroll as we've done an Autumn and a Spring one now!

You can find out more about this park on the Woodland Trust website. Also, you can pick up a children's activity book for the Park if you visit the Museum.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

My Sunday Photo 12-04-2015

This is my favourite picture of this week. It's a rare picture of Little Miss A and me (I'm usually behind the camera taking the shots!).

It was taken on Easter Bank Holiday Monday in Langley Country Park. We went for a walk and then when we stopped for our picnic lunch, we had some fun with some Egg & Spoon Races. We've decided that this is the start of a new Easter Tradition for us!


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Superworm Trail in Wendover Woods

Having followed the Gruffalo Trail and Gruffalo's Child Trail in Wendover Woods several times over the last year, it was time to go on the Superworm Trail when we visited the Woods last week.

The Trail changed in March and is now based on another book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. We were fortunate to win a copy of this book recently thanks to a competition on Twitter run by Mini Travellers.

Hip, hip, hooray for SUPERWORM!

As with the previous trails, there are a series of boards along the way with various activities. I think this story is aimed at slightly older children anyway and Little Miss A is still a bit too young to do most of the activities, but we all still enjoyed the walk and she just likes finding each board.

And of course there's lots of fun to be had when it has recently rained as it means lots of muddy puddles to splash in!

We were at the Woods quite early the morning we went so we had the Trail to ourselves! At the end of the Trail we had to say 'Hi' to the Gruffalo statue that is still in place. It's going to be there for a while yet which is great news.

After a quick hot chocolate in the Cafe in the Woods to warm up a bit, we then went over to the playground. Little Miss A headed straight for her favourite area with the instruments. We had several great renditions of 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!'

There are Superworm Trails in woods throughout the UK. The trail is in place until October 2015. Full details can be found on the Forestry Commission website.

As we're frequent visitors to the Woods, I know there will be several more walks around the Trail over the next few months.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Bank Holiday Fun in the Sun

Today we went for a walk in my favourite park - Langley Park. We couldn't have picked a better day for it with the sun shining gloriously.

We had to pop to Black Park firstly as Mr MoaB had to drop something off at his work. The car park was packed so we were fortunate to find a space. Whilst there we went to the Cafe for the obligatory ice-cream as the sun was out!

We then headed over to Langley Park. Again the car park was heaving so we had to park in the lay-by along the main road. A hop under the fence and we were in the Park.

Initially we tried to stay in the wooded part of the Park which provided some shade. Despite the Park being busy, it didn't feel this way at all.

Little Miss A was in her element exploring and wandering around. There were a lot of games of Peep-Bo behind the trees and a 'Sit Down and Think' on the tree stumps (Sarah & Duck fans will get this reference!).

Just as were thinking we should stop for our picnic lunch, we were fortunate to find an empty bench. It was then time for some Easter games! Mr MoaB had told me about his family tradition for Easter Monday - they'd roll hard boiled eggs until they cracked, then they would eat them.

So we thought we'd start this tradition with Little Miss A. We quickly boiled some eggs before we set off this morning (they probably needed a bit longer really!). We took some pens along to decorate the eggs and also some plastic spoons so we could do an Egg & Spoon Race as well. It was great fun! There was just a little bit of cheating going on by Little Miss A, but we'll let her off (this year anyway!). There wasn't much of a slope for rolling the eggs but we bashed them into each other until they cracked a bit and then ate them. These Egg games are definitely a tradition we'll keep up.

I really do like Langley Park and wish it was a bit closer so we could visit more often. You can read about one of our previous visits in this Lovely Langley Park post.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Party Eggstravaganza

Parties are a bit like buses, there isn't one for ages and then 3 come together! I can't remember the last party we went to but we've been to 3 parties in the last 4 days!

The first was on Thursday when we were invited along to an 'Easter Springtime Fancy Dress Party Fun Session' at Fairford Leys Community Centre which was organised by Jacqu'in the Box. She'd invited us along as I'd picked out this party in my list of Easter Holiday Family Events in and around Aylesbury.

This was a very musical session with lots of singing, dancing and musical games. It followed the story of Elsa the Snow Queen taking a journey through the Springtime Wood and after meeting lots of little animal friends along the way, the children found the Easter Bunny!

Little Miss A got really involved in all the songs. I was really impressed by how confident she was with all the older children (all girls but I guess that was due to the Frozen theme of the party!). She wasn't too sure of the Easter Bunny at first but I managed to get a quick selfie!

Our second party was yesterday for one of Little Miss A's friends who turned 2. It was a really lovely afternoon spent with many of the friends we met when we did our NCT Antenatal Classes. We all had bumps when we met and now have 2 year olds - how has that happened!?!

This morning we attended our last party which was an 'Easter Egg Hunt & Kids Party' held at the Aeglesburgh Watermead Inn and organised by Em's Looney Tune Discos. This was a free kids party with a disco, party games and of course an Easter Egg Hunt!

Little Miss A loves music and dancing so was in her element with the disco! It's great watching her trying so hard to copy others with the actions to the songs! I can't believe this party was free - each child got some small treats in the Egg Hunt and then they brought out cake & biscuits for the kids to enjoy!

I think we're definitely partied out now for a little while now!