My Sunday Photo 19-02-2017

Sunday, 19 February 2017

This is my favourite picture of this week for #MySundayPhoto.

This was taken this week just before Little Miss A did the Go Ape Junior course at Delamere. She's been wanting to be like her Daddy and go up in the trees for so long and she's finally now tall enough. There were a few wobbles on the first go round but she gained in confidence massively by the second go and unsurprisingly loved the zip wire! We're so proud of her for not giving up and doing it.


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Siblings - February 2017

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Joining up with The Siblings Project with these photos of Little Miss A and Baby R. They are starting to be more playful together which these photos clearly show. No one can make Baby R laugh like Little Miss A can! It's infectious and we all end up giggling!

I love this photo with Little Miss A giving her brother a kiss. I'm so grateful that Little Miss A is so affectionate towards him. I know siblings don't always get on and these two will have their moments in the future, but for now it's lovely when she gives her brother a cuddle and a kiss. And yes, they are sat in a cardboard box - to them it was a boat and they were sailing to London! 

It's getting harder to get pictures like this of the pair as Baby R doesn't want to sit for long. He's got really competent at crawling so he just wants to be off. He's also just learnt to pull himself to standing so I really don't think it will be long until he's walking. Then the fun will begin with him following his big sister around!

Little Miss A is getting more and more creative with the games she makes up. She loves nothing more than Mr MoaB or I being teacher and her going to imaginary pre-school or gym class! It won't be long until Baby R gets roped into going to these classes with her!

The Me and Mine Project

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Valentine's Themed Toddler Activities

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Piglet: "How do you spell love?"
Pooh: "You don't spell it... you feel it."
A.A. Milne

Little Miss A and I have had some fun in the build-up to Valentine's Day with a variety of activities so I thought I'd summarise what we got up.

LOVE letters
Originally this activity just started as an idea for some letter recognition but it evolved as we were doing it. I taped the letters 'LOVE' onto the floor and then we used our Megablocs bricks to form the letters. We ran out of red bricks so we used some red plastic hearts. Then we ran out of those but I had the idea to use Little Miss A for the missing letter. I love how this photo turned out!

Red Sensory Play
It's been a long time since I've put together some sensory play. A couple of years ago I did a similar Valentine's Day Themed Play for Little Miss A and used this idea again.

Little Miss A was really excited when she saw the tray and got stuck straight in. She loves playing cooking so she immediately started using the small parts as 'ingredients' to make some food. It was fun to watch what she did. Baby R got involved a bit with this but I had to be really cautious as there were some small parts. I separated out the the larger items for him to play with. Little Miss A loves the red plastic hearts and keeps making up other games with them - for instance, she made a trail of them for her Daddy to follow!

Valentine's Chocolate Bark
Inspired by Let's Talk Mommy and her Easy Chocolate Bark, we had a go at making this sweet treat as a present for Mr MoaB. It really is very easy to make and doesn't require any cooking (just a microwave to melt the chocolate). Little Miss A loved doing the sprinkles on top - she was a little heavy handed and they're not very even but that shows it was made by a 3 year old!

Love Themed Books
We have been enjoying reading some 'love' themed books this week. A few of these we had already but I also picked up a few extra on a recent visit to the library.

These are the books on Little Miss A's bookshelf (I've included affiliate links if you’d like to purchase them):
I Love You Too! - Michael Foreman
Kiss It Better - Smriti Prasadam-Halls & Sarah Massini
Foxy In Love - Emma Dodd
I Love My Daddy - Giles Andreae & Emma Dodd
I Love My Mum - Joanna Walsh & Judi Abbot
Ella: The ladybird with the big heart - Alex T Smith
What Colour is Love? - Linda Strachan & David Wojtowycz
Why I Love My Mummy - Daniel Howarth
Guess How Much I Love You Winter - Sam McBratney
Guess How Much I Love You Spring - Sam McBratney
Guess How Much I Love You Summer - Sam McBratney
Guess How Much I Love You Autumn - Sam McBratney

Heart Pizzas
I must admit I cheated and we used a kit which we'd got in the cupboard for this activity (but it was on special offer!). We made heart-shaped pizzas for our lunch on Valentine's Day itself. I'm enjoying getting Little Miss A more involved in the kitchen with food preparation, baking etc. We probably could have been more creative with the toppings but just went with the fail safe cheese & tomato pizza. Next time we'll be more inventive!

Love Themed Playdoh
This is an activity we did last year but I never got around to writing about it so thought I'd include here as I was hoping to recreate it again but ran out of time. This was the Love playdoh invitation to play:

The play doh consistency wasn't the best as it was homemade, but this didn't stop Little Miss A. As you can see from these pictures and some of our other activities in this post, the plastic love hearts get used a lot! I bought these a couple of years from a Pound Shop so it was £1 well spent!

Painting Hearts
Little Miss A loves painting so we painted some hearts. Something we've done before is use cardboard kitchen roll tubes to make a heart shape and then use this as a stamp. It's so simple, but pretty effective. We also used the plastic insert from a box of chocolates which provided a lot of small hearts in one go.

Daddy's Valentine's Present
This is how we presented the gift to Daddy. I printed the Love Letters picture as a card for him and we used Little Miss A's painting to cover a heart shaped box I'd saved from chocolates we'd had a previous year. He really was so chuffed with it all.

Happy Valentine's Day
Mr MoaB and I have never really gone in for celebrating Valentine's Day but I must admit it is a lot of fun now we have kids and it's the perfect excuse for lots of themed activities. I'm all for the personal, handmade items rather than shop bought though.

Hope you have had a great Valentine's Day whatever you have been up to!

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My Sunday Photo 12-02-2017

Sunday, 12 February 2017

This is my favourite picture of this week for #MySundayPhoto. A rare picture of just Little Miss A and I.

It was taken yesterday at a Scooter Disco. Little Miss A loved racing around on her scooter and it was great that the parents could join in too!


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Scooting Fun at Scoot Fit Disco

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Little Miss A really enjoyed herserlf on her scooter at the Scoot Fit Disco in Sale, Manchester.

The Scooter Disco is held in a school sports hall. There are lots of ramps set out and the kids can choose to go over these or just by-pass them. Little Miss A got more and more confident as the session went on with the seesaw type ramps.

It's such a simple set-up really but all the kids were on the go for the whole session - whizzing round and round and round!!

Of course there were a few tumbles but all the kids were briefed at the start of the session to get back up and scoot, and this is definitely what Little Miss A did.

It's such a great idea to have scooters available for the parents to have a go too. Little Miss A was so chuffed when I managed to get hold of one and went round with her. I had a job keeping up with her! She's fast and definitely better at steering than me.

It's so hard to find things to do at the weekends with the LOs on my own whilst Mr MoaB is working. Other than soft play centres, there's very little. This is a fantastic alternative with the added bonus that it's indoors! Perfect during the winter. It has been ages since Little Miss A has been out on her scooter so she was so thrilled with this activity. It definitely wore her out as she dozed off when we got home and she rarely naps anymore.

This was my first venture into Manchester from our new house and it took us about 35 minutes to get there. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to take Little Miss A again.

The Scoot Fit Disco costs just £5 per child. There's no charge for adults even though they can join in! It's thirsty work all that scooting, so best take refreshments for the kids. The sessions run at a few venues around Manchester until the beginning of April. I found all the details on the Scoot Fit Disco Facebook page.


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Me & Mine - January 2017

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Joining up with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project with these photos of our little family for January.

It was a very rushed photo on the last day of January and Grandma took it, so it's pretty blurred but hey ho! It still shows us as we are now. Little Miss A wouldn't get out of her tunnel so we just took it with her inside! No idea what she's shouting but whatever it is, she's got Baby R's full attention!

It's also the first family photo showing me with no hair. In the rush to get the photo taken, I forgot to put my hat on. I then realised that it really didn't matter and have gone public with the news that I am living with cancer, which you can read more about.

January Highs:
  • - Right on our doorstep is Helsby Hill and we've enjoyed a couple of great walks up to the top where there are some great views.
  • - I took the kids to a local place called Blakemere Village. It's a mixture of lots of things. The highlights for Little Miss A were the Aviary and the Soft Play Centre.
  • - Little Miss A started at her new nursery and really likes it. They've said it's like she's been there for ages, which is so great to hear and such a relief that she's made the transition with ease.
  • - We had a mad panic to view some local schools before the application deadline. It's hard to believe Little Miss A will be starting school in September but one of our decisions for moving was because of schools, and though we do have a top choice, we'll be happy with any of the local schools.
  • - Our first visit to a National Trust property up here was to do the Alice in Wonderland Trail at Erddig. This was an absolutely fantastic trail, one of the best we've ever done with so much to see and do along the way.  
  • - There was lots of talk of snow at one point during the month, but we didn't get any so Little Miss A and I had lots of fun building an indoor snowman
  • - For a while Little Miss A has been talking about ice skating so I found a toddler ice skating session at Silver Blades Ice Rink in Altrincham and she had her first taste of skating which she loved!
  • - After several failed attempts where Little Miss A threw a bit of a strop, we finally got to see the Gruffalo statue at Delamere Forest. We were frequent visitors to the one in Wendover Woods and it was good to finally see this one.
  • - We took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch weekend. I love encouraging Little Miss A to take interest in nature and wildlife so this was a great opportunity to spend some time making some bird feeders and then doing some bird spotting.
  • - We've been fortunate to have lots of visitors this month. Typically they all came within a few days of each other rather than spread across the month but it was so fantastic to see all of them as all made special arrangements to make the trip to see us in our new home. Thankyou to them. 
  • - This blog celebrated it's 3 year blogiversary! I'm so pleased that I started it and though it's been quite difficult at times to find time to write, I'm so glad that I am still doing it when I can and will have this fantastic record for the kids when they grow up.

The Me and Mine Project

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Living with Cancer

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

It was World Cancer Day on Saturday 4th February and therefore it seemed appropriate to share the news that I am living with cancer.

I went public on my personal Facebook page on Saturday and have had such lovely messages of support from my friends. I was intending to publish this post at the weekend too, but as usual time ran away from itself so I'm doing it now.

For ease, I'm just going to repeat what I posted to my friends on Facebook:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of last year and it has came as a complete blow after what was already an incredibly hard year for us.

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and receiving fantastic care at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. I am so grateful to Mr MoaB for his unending support through this. Also all our friends and family that are helping us. Our wonderful kids give me such joy and my focus is on them whilst doing everything I can to stay strong and fight this.

Dear friends - I just wanted to be open with you all. If for no other reason than you may notice the odd photo where I have no hair (not liking the wig!). I'm not looking for sympathy. If anything, I want things as normal as possible, for me, Mr MoaB and the kids.

But I would like to raise awareness that cancer can affect any one of us so please check yourself and look after yourself. Don't delay. Seek medical advice if you notice anything, however small.

#worldcancerday #actofunity

So this is me now with no hair! I got my head shaved on Christmas Eve.

This plate that Little Miss A got for Christmas makes me laugh (you create silly faces with food on it). When Little Miss A saw the plate she just said 'it looks like Mummy!'. She just accepts it that I have no hair and I'm getting more and more used to it! You'll most likely see me with a variety of hats on in photos but occasionally I'm brave enough not to wear one for pictures.

This is very different from my normal posts, but one I wanted to do so that I can continue posting and sharing photos etc. in my usual way.

At some point I may share more of my story but for now this is a big enough step for me.

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